Sunday, September 9

7-9 PM | Early Registration

Monday, September 10

8:00 AM- 12:00 PM Exhibit Hall Opens/ Registration Begins

9:00 AM 20 Schemes Special Pre-Conference Event – Sing! In Hard Places: Diversity in Worship (To register CLICK HERE)

12:15 PM Doors Open

1:00 PM General Session 1 – Welcome and Vision – Keith Getty

Plenary Session 1

-An Introduction to the Psalms with Ligon Duncan

Plenary Session 2

-Glory and Majesty of God and Psalms with Alistair Begg

Plenary Session 3

-Creativity, The Psalms & The Human Mind with Ravi Zacharias

5:00 PM Evening Concerts and Dinner Rotations

Tuesday, September 11

7:30 AM Exhibit Hall and Bookstore Open/ Morning Prayer Service

8:15 AM Doors open

8:30 AM General Session 2

Plenary Session 4

-Glory and Humanity from Celebration to Lament with John Piper

Plenary Session 5

-The Psalms, the Gospel, and Eternity with John MacArthur

11:00 AM Breakout Block A

12:00 PM Lunch/ Exhibit Hall and Bookstore Open

Anglican Connection North America Luncheon*

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Luncheon*

Samaritan’s Purse Luncheon*

2:00 PM Breakout Block B

3:00 PM Breakout Block C

4:00 PM Breakout Block D

5:00 PM Dinner

6:15 PM Doors Open

7:00 PM General Session 3

Plenary Session 6

-The Psalms & The Glory of God in the Nations with David Platt

8:00-10:00 PM Coffee Break Provided by Cairn University

9:30 PM Radical Presents To the Nations

Wednesday, September 12

8:00 AM Exhibit Hall and Bookstore Open

8:15 AM Breakout Sessions Doors Open

8:30 AM Breakout Block E

9:15 AM Doors Open

9:30 AM General Session 4

Plenary Session 7

-Psalms: Singing and the 21st Century with J.D. Greear and Keith Getty

Postlude & Look to 2019 – Keith Getty

Schedule is subject to change. Please check back regularly for schedule updates

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