Exhibitor Application

Thank you so much for your interest in the Getty Music Worship Conference – Sing! 2019. Please complete the form below. A member of our team will reach out with the status of your application shortly. If you have any questions or are in need of any additional assistance, please contact us at events@gettymusic.com

Please note that applications, exhibits, advertisements and other communications are subject to approval. Submitted applications will be reviewed and approved applications will be invoiced for the ordered items. Orders are not deemed complete until payment is received. Payment may be made by check, electronic transfer, or credit card (a 3.5% credit card processing fee applies).

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    Each Booth reservation includes two Exhibitor Hall access badges and access to the Exhibitor Lounge. Ask us about special discounts for ministry organizations. Also, for information about multiple booths, please use the box below or email info@gettymusic.com
    To discuss multiple ads or special placement, please put your requests in the box below or email info@gettymusic.com
    This area will be provided for conference attendees to meet with their teams, enjoy moments of reflection, or view the conference content from a screen in a less crowded location. Situated in the exhibit hall, this area is open to through traffic and will be furnished with comfortable furniture, tables and chairs. Your organization's name and logo on signs in the lounge area (ex. Registrant Lounge provided by XYZ organization) / Mention in the program book / Branded charging stations / A place for attendees to relax and converse / Sponsor-provided banners placed in lounge area / Your volunteers may engage registrants and disseminate information in an appropriate way
    i.e. Pastor's coffee meeting, luncheons, etc Facilitation of the space / An optional appearance or greeting by Keith Getty (schedule permitting) / Listing in conference schedule / Catering facilitation (catering billed to you at cost) / Logo and special thanks displayed in program book / Complimentary push message on app announcing your event
    Your branding and messaging in Exhibitor Lounge / Up to four representatives to receive Exhibitor passes / Refreshments provided by your organization (if desired) / Product drop to all exhibitors (to be placed on tables in advance of setup) / Your pamphlet placed in Exhibitor registration kit / A note of thanks to your organization from Getty Music placed in the Exhibitor registration kit / Logo and special thanks displayed in program book
    Your logo placed on 8.5x11 signs around the room / Logo and special thanks displayed in program book / Your book, pamphlet or flyer included in all speakers and VIP gift bags / Sponsor-provided banner placed in green room / Exclusive access to VIP green room for two representatives during the duration of the conference.
    Registrants will collect stamps from all exhibitors and register to win selected prizes. Passport booklet distributed to every registrant / Branded with your logo on the outside cover / Two full pages on the inside front cover of Passport to tell the story of your organization / Email addresses of registrants entering contest will be shared exclusively with this Passport sponsor
    You can target specific breakout sessions based on your desired demographic or speaker / Your material passed out in the session by your volunteers / Your representative will have 5 minutes at the beginning of the session to welcome and open in prayer (no financial ask allowed) / Your banners and branding may be placed around the room in advance of the session, as coordinated with Sing! event team
    Your organization's logo proudly displayed on front of conference registrant gift bag to all registrants / One complimentary gift bag insert to all registrants / Logo and special thanks in program book.
    Our volunteers will place your item on every seat in the main room. Also includes recognition from the stage by Emcee. Contents subject to approval.
    Your item will be distributed to attendees at Bridgestone Arena.
    Will be shown immediately before session begins. Content subject to approval.
    Your organization's name and logo printed on every attendee name badge with optional weblink / Logo and special thanks displayed in the program book
    Your book or product will be featured by our emcee from the main stage during a plenary session / Includes brief two-line description of your product or ministry / Can include encouragement to visit your exhibit booth or purchase in bookstore (if applicable)
    Your logo and website printed on hotel keycards - registrants will receive upon check-in. Plus your logo and special thanks displayed in the program booklet
    A co-branded water bottle will be given to every registrant. Your logo featured alongside the official Sing! Conference logo on keepsake water bottles given to each registrant upon arrival / Half-page program book explanation of water bottles and hydration stations featuring messaging from your organization / Explanation of the hydration stations and special thanks to your organization from our emcee at the beginning of the conference / Logo and special thanks displayed in the program booklet
    Conference attendees will have the opportunity to sign up for an optional tour of the historic Grand Ole Opry House - the birthplace of Bluegrass music! Listed in the program book as being sponsored by your organization / Your representative will have the opportunity to address the group assembled for the tour / Tour guide will say a word of special thanks to your organization for having provided the tour / Your material will be given to tour attendees as they exit
    A co-branded backdrop with the official Sing! conference logo in rotation with your organization's logo and hashtag will be the backdrop for the official step and repeat where registrants are encouraged to take pictures and post them on social media. Your logo and hashtag featured on official conference step and repeat / Conference registrants encouraged to post their pictures on social media / Logo and special thanks displayed in program booklet
    App Sponsorship - Logo and special thanks displayed in the program book / Clickable links to drive traffic to your website or landing page / Two complimentary push messages to all conference attendees. App Push Notification - Message from your organization pushed to mobile devices of conference registrants / Can be used to drive traffic to your booth or event, message a special offer or create awareness
    A co-branded notepad with a Sing! conference watermark and your organization's logo or website will be provided to all registrants to keep notes during the event and to take back to their homes and churches. Your logo and website proudly displayed on each page of the notepad / Logo and special thanks in the program booklet
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