Breakout Sessions

In-person breakouts | Available online for all registrants (in-person and virtual) in the weeks and months following the event

Block A: Tuesday, September 6, 1:30-2:30pm

Ask Pastor John – LIVE  John Piper & Tony Reinke 
Sung Prayers with Shane & Shane  Shane & Shane 
Live Musical Showcase: How a Normal Worship Team Plays Together  Ben Shive & Grace Community Church 
Christ-Centered Worship Part 1: How Liturgy Reflects the Gospel  Bryan Chapell 
Liturgy and Love: Finding Ways to Build Unity through Song  Trillia Newbell 
How our Habits of Liturgy Intersect with the Great Commission  Michael Oh 
Teach Them to Pray: The Vital Role of Prayer and Song for Children of All Ages  Shai & Blair Linne 
Seasons of Sorrow: Lament, Hope, and Ordinary Worship  Tim Challies 
A Fresh Vision for the Vital Role of the Church Choir in Modern Worship  Mark Williams 
Word & Image: God’s Two Languages  Roberta Ahmanson 
Lament in the Brutal Reality of Everyday Life  Mez McConnell, Matthew Spandler-Davison, Sol & Carlie Fenne 
Technology Tips for Seamless Transitions  Jeff Barnett, Kent Morris, Andrew Scriven 

Block B: Tuesday, September 6, 3:00-4:00pm

Prayer, Singing, Beauty and Being Human  John Lennox 
Read, Pray, Preach, Sing, and See the Word: Putting the Service Together  Mark Dever & Matt Merker 
Tempo and Key: Making Your Service Singable  Ben Shive 
Christ-Centered Worship Part 2: How to Plan Weekly Worship to Advance Your Church’s Mission  Bryan Chapell 
Enculturation: Services Shaped by the Gospel in the Urban Context  Shai Linne 
Songs, Liturgy, and Disney: An Urgent Call to Families  Trevin Wax 
Crafting Better Lyrics  Matt Boswell 
Supporting Congregational Singing from the Piano  David Rodgers 
Supporting Congregational Singing from the Acoustic Guitar  Zach White 
Supporting Congregational Singing from the Bass Guitar  Matt Pierson 
Discipleship in a Suspicious and Damaged Congregation  Mez McConnell, Matthew Spandler-Davison, Sol & Carlie Fenne 
Mixing to Hear the Congregation  Jeff Barnett, Kent Morris, Andrew Scriven 

Block C: Tuesday, September 6, 4:30-5:30pm

Behind the Songs Live with CityAlight  CityAlight 
Crafting the Songs, Prayers & Confessions of a Meaningful Worship Service: A Practical Guide & Singalong for Non-Liturgical Traditions  Tommy Bailey 
Shared Values, Shared Purpose: How to Build a Culture with Your Music Team  Jordan Kauflin 
10 Lessons from Classic Liturgies That Can Change Your Church Next Year  Jonathan Gibson 
Songs That Help the Church Lament – a Live Session of Performance and Reflection  Sandra McCracken 
Jesus Strong and Kind: How Songs Shape a Child’s Growing Heart  Colin Buchanan 
The Prayer Life of the Christian Leader  Joel Beeke 
Devote Yourselves to the Public Reading of Scripture  Blair Linne 
How to Include Orchestral Instruments in Church Services Today  Nöel Tredinnick 
Supporting Congregational Singing from the Drums  Dan Needham 
Evangelism among the Least, the Last, and the Lost  Mez McConnell, Matthew Spandler-Davison, Sol & Carlie Fenne 
A/V Excellence for Smaller Churches  Jeff Barnett, Kent Morris, Andrew Scriven 

Block D: Wednesday, September 7, 8:00-9:00am

Song Selection 101: Curating Your Church’s Master List and Picking Hymns Each Week  Tommy Bailey, Matt Boswell, Jordan Kauflin, Laura Story 
What Really Matters In Our Meetings  Bob Kauflin 
How to Arrange Traditional Hymns for Contemporary Bands  Ben Shive & David Rodgers 
The Simple, Permanent, Biblical Solution to Saying the Same Old Things in Prayer  Don Whitney 
How to Develop and Maintain the Growth of Your Voice  Kim Wood Sandusky 
Silencing the Congregation: Examining the Impact of Music and Culture on Congregational Singing  Joe Crider, Jon Duncan, Nathan Burggraff 
Title Forthcoming  Brian Brodersen 
How to Open Up Poetry So That It Opens Up Your Prayer Life  Malcolm Guite 
Liturgy, Choirs, and Music Education: A Vision for Children Singing  Pam Andrews & Katie Sutton 
American Evangelical Worship: A Field Report and Opportunity for Reflection  Melanie Ross 
Prayer: Its Influence and Narrative in the Life and Work of Vincent Van Gogh  Ross Wilson 
How to Shepherd, Train, and Empower Your A/V Team  Rich Vassallo 
Testimonies from a Sudanese Prison Cell  Petr Jasek & Voice of the Martyrs 

Online Breakouts | Available on the virtual broadcast platform for all registrants on September 5

Five Ways to Grow Corporate Prayer on Sundays Conrad Mbewe
Why a Holy God Deserves Awesome Worship Miguel Núñez
How Every Member of Your Band Can Support Congregational Singing Drew Hodge
How to Cultivate Singing in a Multi-Cultural Church Eric McAllister
How the Order of Service Reinforces the Gospel Message Tiago Santos
Habits of Grace: The Secret Liturgies of Christian Leaders David Mathis
Spurgeon, the Worship Pastor: Lessons on Liturgy from the Metropolitan Tabernacle Geoff Chang
Why Liturgical Depth and Joyful Expressiveness Should Go Together Sergio Villanueva
Liturgy, Singing, and Discipleship in the Middle East Jonny Lim
Faithful or Frantic? Time Management for Worship Leaders Neal Woollard