• Singing the Songs of Jesus
  • Psalms and the Glory of God
  • Glory & Humanity – From Celebration to Lament
  • A Vision for Arts and Creativity in Our Generation and in the Church
  • Worship Structure, Liturgy & a Short History of Time Through Singing Psalms
  • Singing the Glory of Christ
  • The Glory of God for the Nations


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Breakout A // Tuesday, September 11, 11am

Children’s Leadership Track: A Legacy of Singing: 12 Hymns Every Family Should Know – Keith & Kristyn Getty & Band

Special Seminar Premier! Come hear classic hymns from history that Keith & Kristyn Getty have put together for families to sing.


Christian Preaching as Worship – John Piper

John Piper will give a seminar for preachers on the topic of Expository Exultation: Christian Preaching as Worship.


Hymns of Confession: Psalm 51 – Paul Tripp

Every believer needs to sing songs of humble confession because those songs invariably become celebrations of the glory of rescuing, forgiving and transforming grace. The bad news is what puts the good news into beautiful relief.


The Revolution of Watts: How We Got from Psalms to Hymns and What Watts has to Teach us about Singing Psalms in a Christ-Centered Way – Kevin Twit

Isaac Watts is the most important hymn writer in the transition for English speaking people from singing only Psalms to singing “hymns of human composure” as well. In this seminar, we will consider Isaac Watts’ arguments against exclusive Psalm singing and the ways ​he can help us navigate some of the challenges in trying to sing Psalms in a Christ-centered way, today.


Bass Clinic – John Patitucci

John Patitucci is an American jazz bassist and composer. He is one of the most influential bass players in the history of jazz music. He has won multiple Grammys, and has accompanied artists such as BB King, Bon Jovi, Sting, Natalie Cole, and Carly Simon. All are welcome to come hear John talk and answer questions about his vast experience as a musician. You do not need to be a bass player to attend this breakout. Please do not bring any instruments. No audition required. 


Contemporary Vocal Technique – Kim Sandusky

Kim Wood Sandusky is one of the most sought after and influential vocal coaches in the world, having worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, Toby Mac, Francesca Battistelli, and Jeremy Camp. For the past 15 years, besides having worked with Kristyn & Keith Getty, she has been involved in the local church. She has built a progressive vocal method called the “Kim Wood Sandusky Vocal Builder Technique”™ that meets and exceeds the standards of today’s competitive music industry. Whether you are an individual artist, or part of a choir, come listen to Kim share about her vocal technique. All are welcome, no experience necessary.


The Art of Lyric Writing – Stuart Townend

Stuart Townend is recognized as one of the finest lyricists of his generation, from “In Christ Alone” to “How deep the Father’s Love” and “Speak O Lord.” In this breakout session Stuart talks about his approach, ways to get inspired, pitfalls to avoid, and how to deepen and broaden our lyric writing to better serve the church with great songs and hymns.


Technology in Worship 1: The Role of Technology in Church – Tommy Bailey

Drawing from the principles of the Sing Conference –theology, artistry and congregationals singing — what role does technology play in congregational worship? In this 5-part series we will look at how the AV mediums can serve the congregation in singing and singing well.


Developing Authentic Multiculturalism Through Congregational Worship – Devon Kauflin, Duce Branch, Michael Sharp 

Discussion on how pastors and music leaders can make sure the diversity they celebrate within their pews is appreciated, cultivated, and reflected in the songs their congregations sing together in worshipping God.


The Psalms in Family Worship – Joel Beeke

Grounded in Psalm 118:15, the Reformers and Puritans stressed the importance of singing the Psalms in our families. This seminar will focus on nine reasons why Psalm-singing should be an integral part of our worship—not only our personal worship and worship in church, but also in the family.


Breakout B // Tuesday, September 11, 2pm


Theology and Trouble: Psalm 27 – Paul Tripp

This Psalm, written out of the darkness of trouble in this fallen world, is not mournful, but sings gospel themes of identity and beauty and these themes become the only reliable lens through which to look at and understand that trouble.


Calvin & The Genevan Psalter – John Witvliet

The Genevan Psalter was one of the best-selling books of the Reformation era. Developed by expert poets and musicians for use in both public and family worship, the book has shaped the prayer life of generations of Protestant Christians, including French, Dutch, and Hungarian worshipers from the sixteenth century on, as well as through translations into Spanish and Japanese (among many other languages) more recently. Songs from the Genevan Psalter were influential in many aspects of society, and many took on special significance during times of warfare, famine, and cultural upheaval. In this seminar, Prof. Witvliet explores the profound spirituality of this book, and the way it can inspire worship in our churches and homes.


The Role of Worship Leaders and Pastors in Congregational Worship – Jim Thomas, Matt Merker, Tommy Bailey, Bob Kauflin, John Martin, Josh Sutton

When one thinks of congregational worship, often one places primary responsibility at the feet of the musician rather than that of the pastor. Yet it is the pastor whom God has called to oversee the church, especially in teaching. In this seminar, a panel of pastors and worship leaders will discuss the role of the pastor in congregational worship and provide practical tips for how to work together seamlessly.


Orchestra Music in the 21st Century Church – Benjamin Klemme, Deborah Klemme, Bill Brandenstein

Listen to this panel discuss the role of orchestra music in the church today.


Instrumental Technique: Piano – Jeff Taylor

Are you a pianist? Come with questions, and listen as Jeff Taylor instructs and demonstrates piano techniques to take your instrumentation to the next level. Jeff has been the accordionist/pianist/multi-instrumentalist player for Elvis Costello, Vince Gill & the Time Jumpers, Ricky Skaggs, and the Gaithers. He has also played for many major blockbuster movie soundtracks, and has recorded with Paul Simon. Jeff has a life-long commitment to local small church worship, and has traveled with the Getty Band.


Beauty and Poetry: A Musical Storytelling Seminar – Andrew Peterson

Merging music and storytelling is a wonderful way to proclaim God’s truth to adults and children alike. Come hear Andrew discuss how this can be used in churches today.


Children’s Leadership Track: Building Creative Children’s Choirs – Katie Sutton, Jonathan Rea

Children are born creative, as evidenced by their vivid imaginations and optimistic aspirations. The world of music is a wonderful playground for this young creativity to explore. As a children’s choir grows in breadth and depth of musical exposure, their leader sparks their unique creativity while building a pathway of enjoyable excellence for the students.


Technology for Worship 2- Sound Mixing/Lighting – Andrew Scriven, Jeff Barnett

Drawing from the principles of the Sing Conference –theology, artistry and congregationals singing — what role does technology play in congregational worship? In this 5-part series we will look at how the AV mediums can serve the congregation in singing and singing well.


20 Schemes – Building a Worship Team from Scratch – Trevor Chin

No money, few people, and little in the way of musicians – how do you build a worship team from scratch? Trevor has experience in church planting in some Hard Places and will share how he developed local talent and built worship ministry teams.


Singing the Songs of Lament – Sandra McCracken

In this seminar, liturgist and songwriter Sandra McCracken examines the importance of the largest genre of the Psalms – that of Lament – and how this applies to the church today.


Serving Small Congregations Panel – Zach White, Devon Kauflin, Jordan Kauflin, Joni McCabe

In this seminar, a panel of small church leaders discuss how to faithfully serve a congregation of 200 or less with limited budget.


Breakout C // Tuesday, September 11, 3pm


Sing! How Worship Transforms your Life, your Family, and the Church – Keith and Kristyn Getty with Special Guests

In this foundational seminar, Keith & Kristyn Getty, along with several plenary speakers from the Sing! conference, discuss the vital importance of theology, artistry and mission in congregational worship.


The Psalms and Suffering – Trip Lee

One of the largest genres of Psalms is that of lament, yet this is increasingly less present in congregational worship. In this seminar, Trip Lee will discuss the role of the Psalms in our understanding of suffering.


Luther and the Psalms – Steve Nichols

The Sing movement was in part inspired by Martin Luther’s vision for singing, as a central focus in the building up of the believers’ family and the planting of churches. In this talk, Steve Nichols will discuss Luther’s radical vision, as well as reflect specifically on his interest in the psalms, what he did with the psalms, and how this can be used today.


Seeing Christ in the Psalms – Ligon Duncan

It has been said that every page of the Scriptures whispers Christ’s name. In this seminar, we will take an in-depth look at how the Psalms proclaim the sufficiency of Christ.


Using Acoustic Instruments in Church – Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor has been the accordionist/pianist/multi-instrumentalist player for Elvis Costello, Vince Gill & the Time Jumpers, Ricky Skaggs, and the Gaithers. He has also played for many major blockbuster movie soundtracks, and has recorded with Paul Simon. Jeff has a life-long commitment to local small church worship, and has traveled with the Getty Band. Come prepared with questions for Jeff on how to best support congregational singing with acoustic instruments.


A Conversation with Laura Story – Laura Story

Description coming soon.


Children’s Leadership Track – Firing the Imagination to Transform the Heart: Children and the Future of Musical & Creative Arts – Benjamin Harding, Jonathan Rea, Benjamin Klemme
Discussion on the current and future trends in teaching artistry for high level creatives. Learn how to fire children’s imaginations to transform their hearts, and encourage musical creativity.


Vincent Van Gogh: Beauty, Faith and the Psalms – Ross Wilson

Many will be surprised to learn that the psalms were an inspiration for Vincent Van Gogh. In this seminar, Ross Wilson will share the creative process of Van Gogh, and his relationship to the psalms. Ross Wilson is an Irish artist and sculptor, his many portrait commissions include a Royal Invitation to create portraits of HRH The Prince of Wales and his wife The Duchess Of Cornwall, as well as other luminaries and ​notable writers such as Arthur Miller, Woody Allen and Nobel Laureates, Seamus Heaney, Joseph Brodsky and Derek Walcott​. His paintings hang in many of the worlds finest galleries, from the National Portrait Gallery London to the Fogg Museum Harvard. He has been a guest lecturer at Oxford and Harvard. Ross has a unique vision for incorporating faith into his work including sculptures of C.S. Lewis and Amy Carmichael. He lives in the north coast of Ireland where he attends his local Baptist church with his wife, Liz, and daughter, Grace. Ross Wilson sees his creative mission as helping others to see with the soul of the eye, to examine and exalt the wonders of the ordinary through charis-culture.


Technology for Worship 3- Worship Leaders: Technical Survival Guide – Bobby Taylor

Drawing from the principles of the Sing Conference –theology, artistry and congregationals singing — what role does technology play in congregational worship? In this 5-part series we will look at how the AV mediums can serve the congregation in singing and singing well.


20 Schemes: Teaching the Church to Sing the Bible – Nathan Chapman

What are the songs you sing on Sunday mornings teaching the congregation? Nathan is committed to training his members to sing the Bible as a means to learn, memorize and love the word of God.


Metrical Psalms: A way forward for churches today – John Witvliet

Poetic paraphrases of the Psalms have long been a cornerstone of Christian congregational music. We participate in this rich church tradition everytime we sing “Joy to the Word” (Psalm 98). In today’s world, hundreds of congregations almost never engage the Psalms in this way, while others sing multiple Psalms weekly. This session will explore how quite different congregations–small and large, urban and rural–can deepen their engagement with God’s Word in this way, celebrating the contributions of several living Psalm poets from a variety of cultural contexts.


Worship Leader Panel: Leadership Tools and Practical help for the Worship Leader – Zach White, Bob Kauflin, Matt Merker, Laura Story, Tommy Bailey

In this seminar, worship leaders with decades of experience discuss practical helps and tools for faithfully leading their congregations to glorify God through congregational singing.


Breakout D // Tuesday, September 11, 4pm


Spurgeon, the Psalms, and Congregational Worship – Matt Boswell

Known as the prime of preachers, Charles H. Spurgeon is considered one of the greatest orators and theologians to have ever lived. Yet Spurgeon had another great love – that of hymns, Psalms and congregational worship! In this seminar, hymn-writer and pastor Matt Boswell examines Spurgeon’s love of corporate worship and what modern church leaders can learn.


Making Sense of the Psalms When They Don’t Seem to Prove True – Nancy Guthrie

Throughout the Psalms we are told that God will deliver, protect, and rescue. But sometimes, in the reality of our lives, it seems that God has not delivered, protected, or rescued. In this seminar, Nancy will share how understanding the psalms in context of the larger biblical story had helped her to make sense of the Psalms in the midst of loss.


Interpretations of the Psalms Through the Ages – Michael Sharp, Benjamin Harding, Joseph Crider

This seminar takes an in-depth look at how the Psalms have served the Church throughout the ages in congregational worship and asks the question – “what do we have to learn from this rich history today?”


The Art of Excellence- A Discussion with the Getty Music Band on How to Support Congregational Singing as an Instrumentalist – Benjamin Klemme interviewing the Getty Band
Come hear members of the Getty band share how to support congregational singing as an artist.


Shane and Shane Through the Psalms – Shane & Shane

For the last eighteen years, Shane & Shane have been setting the Psalms to music in ways that have inspired individuals and families here and around the world. In this unique seminar, they will introduce their journey through the Psalms from the view of writing music and explore songs they have written throughout the years.


Children’s Leadership Track: The Beauty of God and Imaginations of Children: Musical and Storytelling Seminar – Andrew Peterson

In this seminar, Andrew Peterson will discuss how to ignite the imaginations of children, and expose them to big truths about God through music and storytelling.


Navigating Music Business – Bob Kauflin, Eddie DeGarmo, Jonathan Mason, Greg McNey

Curious about how the music business works? Come hear practical tips and strategies for navigating this business as a musical artist.


Why Beauty Matters – Trip Lee

Description coming soon


The Art of Hymn Writing and Collaboration – Stuart Townend, Keith Getty

How do you work together with others to write a song or hymn? What makes for a good partnership? How do you resolve differences of opinion? Keith Getty & Stuart Townend have been writing hymns together for 18 years (their first collaboration was “In Christ Alone”), and in this breakout session they share from their long experience – good and bad – of writing in collaboration.


Technology for Worship 4- How to Rightly Think of Technology in Worship – Doug Gould

Drawing from the principles of the Sing Conference –theology, artistry and congregationals singing — what role does technology play in congregational worship? In this 5-part series we will look at how the AV mediums can serve the congregation in singing and singing well.


Liturgy and Beauty – The Liturgy of the Anglican Church – Foley Beach

Foley Beach was elected Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America in 2014. He was converted to Christ through Young Life. Archbishop Beach holds degrees from Georgia State, the University of the South and Gordon-Conwell. He is a much sought-after speaker. Archbishop Foley, assisted by two members of the Anglican Church’s Liturgy Task Force, will share the about the genius of Anglican liturgical worship in shaping the heart and forming the believer. Even if you are from a non-liturgical church, come learn about a way of worship that has deep roots and much contemporary application.


Putting the Congregation Back into Congregational Singing: The Centrality of the Doctrine of the Church for Corporate Worship – Matt Merker
To lead a church in singing, we must first understand what a church is. Who are the people of God, and why do we gather in congregations? A renewed focus on the doctrine of the church can help us understand how congregational singing is distinct from every other form of music in our culture, and can lead us to align our music ministry with biblical priorities.


Multi-Ethnic Worship – Isaac Adams, Devon Kauflin

Description coming soon


Breakout E // Wednesday, September 12, 8:30am


A Plea for Psalms in Christian Worship – Ligon Duncan

Ligon Duncan is the Chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary, the largest ATS-accredited reformed seminary in the world. Every year, they prepare pastors and church leaders to serve in North America and around the globe. This seminar will explore the urgent need of using the psalms in Christian worship. Come hear the call for a robust use of the psalms, gain a deeper understanding of the psalms, and learn how to incorporate the psalms in worship.


Psalms: Singing Through the Ages – Robert Morgan

Author, pastor and teacher Robert Morgan, best known for his book “Then Sings My Soul,” has a lot to say about hymns and history of the church. In this seminar, Robert will lead us on a guided journey through the ways in which the church has used the Psalms throughout the ages.


Encouraging Creative Congregations – Jim Thomas, Kim Thomas

Jim & Kim spent 20 years as artists, before they founded The Village Chapel (TVC), of which Jim Thomas is senior pastor. TVC is a bible believing church in the Green Hills area of Nashville, where Jim shepherds many of Nashville’s creatives, songwriters, and business leaders. It is the home to literally hundreds of musicians and creatives in the wider Nashville community, and has been a key partner with the SING initiative. Kim herself is a singer-songwriter, painter and author. They will share stories of individuals and initiatives that helped build an artist community in their church.


Hymnwriters in the Round – Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, Jordan Kauflin, Matt Merker

In the style of the Nashville Bluebird Cafe, four leading modern hymn writers in America (who all happen to be good friends!) share stories & perform their best hymns.


Choir Leadership Panel Discussion: Choir in the 21st Century – Jonathan Rea, Bill Brandenstein, Mike Harland, Ed Willmington

Listen to a discussion on the importance and future of church choirs.


Technology for Worship 5- Panel – Tommy Bailey, Andrew Scriven, Jeff Barnett, Bobby Taylor, Doug Gould

Drawing from the principles of the Sing Conference –theology, artistry and congregationals singing — what role does technology play in congregational worship? In this 5-part series we will look at how the AV mediums can serve the congregation in singing and singing well.


20 Schemes – Worship in Context: Worship that Speaks to Your Community – Sol Fenne

Does what we sing and how we sing clearly communicate the truths of the gospel to the community we are in? Various worship leaders serving in churches in different cultures discuss how they develop worship gatherings which clearly communicate the gospel to their communities.


The Life of the Worship Leader and the Psalms – Bob Kauflin

In this practical seminar for worship leaders, Bob Kauflin reflects on how the psalms help us develop rich devotional and personal lives in a way that both informs every part our public ministry, and adds depth and integrity to our public life and worship services.


Liturgy, Psalms and the Lutheran Expression – Phillip Magness

Martin Luther’s view of congregational worship has always been an inspiration to the Gettys and was a large part of the Sing! initiative. In this seminar, come learn how the LCMS Lutheran church is stewarding this singing tradition today.


Children’s Leadership Track: Helping Kids See Jesus Through Music and Scriptures – Scott Shepherd


Chanting the Psalms in the 21st Century – David Madeira

The chanting of psalms is one of the earliest practices of Christian worship, but what relevance does it have for the modern Church? David Madeira will examine the historic practice of psalm chanting with an eye toward contemporary liturgical renewal, exploring ways today’s congregations in any denomination and worship style can easily adopt and include chanting among the ways the Psalms are rendered in worship. Participants will learn and practice together, and resources will be provided for free use.


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